I just helped someone that was having this problem in Excel when opening multiple spreadsheets from the network. this is the error she was getting: the problem is that she had created some shortcuts to the network drives, and thus increasing the length of the path to such files. according to Microsoft only 218 characters… Continue reading

Since Google shutdown its RSS reader application last year, a lot of people are still missing the great convenience the tool provided to syndicate information all over the web in one place. the truth is, I haven’t missed Google Reader a bit, because I switched to something better, and best of all, I’m pretty sure… Continue reading


I like Fedora for its stability and its native Gnome3 support, but one of the reasons why I went back to Ubuntu a few times was because of Gnome3 bland look. Ubuntu is aesthetically pleasant, the fonts, colors, and icons are perfect, unfortunately Ubuntu has never perform to the same level as Fedora for me,… Continue reading