On the previous article I guided you through the installation of VMware server on a standalone computer. After the installation we were asked to restart the computer to start using the server. After rebooting the computer, and launching VMware Web Access, you are asked to enter a username and password, but VMware wizard did not ask to choose any username and password during the installation, so what password do we need to enter to login?

It is your local administrator username and password!!

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On Windows XP, if you don’t know the Administrator password, you can easily reset it by right-clicking the My Computer icon and selecting Manage:

Computer Management

That will get you to the Computer Management Console, expand the Local Users and Groups folder, and select Users. right-click the Administrator user account and select Reset Password:

Computer Management Console

Proceed to reset your password, and then login to VMware Web Access using the administrator credentials.

VMware Infrastructure Web Access

that should get you right in.

Now, if you installed VMware Server 2.0 on Windows Vista, then the administrator account is disabled. You need to enable the administrator account in order to login to VMware Web Access.

To enable the administrator account on windows vista type the following command on the command prompt:

net user administrator /active:yes

After typing the command, go to control panel, and click on users. The administrator account should appear there. Click on the Administrator icon and choose to create a password.

Create a password for admin account on Vista

After creating the password for the local administrator, you should be able to login to the VMware Web Access interface using the administrator account.

9 thoughts on “VMware Server 2.0 Username And Password

  1. Hi, can I install the vmware server 2.0 one Vista home edition, and can I use anthor administration account except the local administration account ?

  2. I installed VMWare server and it NEVER ASKED for a username & password to login. It now claims to be installed by I can't log in.

  3. After typing the “net user administrator /active:yes” I got this error message

    System error 5 has occurred
    Access is denied

    kindly help and provide me instructions how to install windows 2003 Server on my WIndows 7 Home Basic laptop.


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