If you are printing a document from Microsoft word, excel etc, and all you get on the printed out document is a bunch of symbols and weird characters, then do the following:

the first thing you need to do is check if the printer driver is installed correctly by printing a test page. to do that, go to Start, and click on Printers and Faxes. the printers and faxes properties will come up:

printer list

right-click the faulty printer, and select properties then click on the Print Test Page tab:

printer properties

If the test page comes out fine, then the printer is fine, you should concentrate on troubleshooting the application. If the test page does not come out fine, then it might be the driver on the printer. reinstalling the drivers might solve the problem.

if the application you are printing from is the problem, then try to change the font from what you currently have to another one. for example, if you created a word document using Cambria (Headings) try to change it to Calibri (Body)

try printing the doc again.

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