As a computer tech I am very picky of what runs on my computer, so periodically I do a check of all the processes currently running on my computer, and that’s how I stumbled upon this process called “seaport.exe” which I have no idea where it came from, or what it does.

certainly a quick Google search will help!

apparently seaport.exe comes with Windows live application installations, like Windows Live messenger, or Windows Live writer, which I both use. certainly I don’t want this process running on my computer all the time, it consumes too much resources, and in all honestly I don’t like Microsoft doing updates on my system whenever they want. so how I disable this thing?

Seaport.exe runs as a service, so disabling the service will prevent it from running at start-up. to disable to the service click on Start then click on Run type services.msc click on Ok. the service snap-in will come up:

service snap-in

look for the seaport.exe service on the list right-click it and click on Stop:

disable service

after you stop the services, right-click it again, and click on Properties. the seaport properties will come up:

seaport properties

click on the Start up type option and select disabled then click on OK.


if you want to delete the file completely off your computer, on windows XP, it resides on this path: C:Program FilesMicrosoftSearch Enhancement PackSeaPort . on windows vista, it should reside at C:ProgramsMicrosoftSearch Enhancement PackSeaPort

that should get rid of seaport.exe from your computer forever – or at least until you install another Windows live app.

  • Gary


  • Rob

    Thanks for the tip, my firewall keeps catching these automatically-updating Microsoft programs ever since I installed Live Messenger.

  • Nelson

    Hi Rob, thanks for stopping by. I normally disable Microsoft updates on my computer, and run a manual update once a week on my machine. I don't like Microsoft running updates on my machine whenever they want, I hate it, especially when you need to reboot.

    • roman

      but some automatic update necessary for health.

  • igrewold

    Ewe rox! :)


  • beth lewis

    what happens when you delete it? can you still use windows messenger or writer? just wanna know before i delete or disable it. thanks :)

  • eggomaniac

    Can't everybody get together and sue Microsoft for putting such dysfunctional and malfunctiong JUNK in our homes?
    I just Disabled this bandit, Seaport, and my CPU Usage dropped to from the dizzying heights.
    Didn't they used to ask if you wanted to be a Beta Tester???

  • eggomaniac

    Beth , you can still use…
    it takes you out of enrollment in one of their marketing schemes, which they call microsoft appreciation or is it customer appreciation? or some stupid thingy so they can make more money in the future by seeing what people do..
    and you can't search 'history' but I think you can still search 'history' Favorites,,, naming in History scares people into NOT disabling it.
    They WANT everyone on it to assess Market Trends!

  • schwein

    Another useless process bites the dust. I never use the microsoft live, don't know where that even came from. Thanks.

  • nin

    "honestly I don’t like Microsoft doing updates on my system whenever they want"
    sory but this me me laugh
    i agree with you, but is MS, you know.

  • Marty

    Cool. Thank you very much for putting this online.
    It was driving me crazy.

  • death.child

    ty it helped me out toop iu was like what in the world is seaport n now i know so thank you for all the help :)

  • bigdillon

    I found you post very helpful, even for those who have little or no idea of what is going on with the processes on a computer. I however, was observing the processes in Task manager & the 1st thing to pop into my mind was "VIRUS!" Since I am also a Computer Tech. & I very rarely use this computer.

    Viruses are tricky and some times require a Complete Reload of the O.S. I have just started this Corporation and I am still building the above Website.

    I repair & maintain so many computers; I sometimes cannot recall which computer needs what Process to work properly for whoever the various users are.

    Again Thank You for the very detailed description(s) of this Process and/or Executable.

  • ToeKnee

    FTW!!! TY so much for posting this! Every once in an all-too-often while I've had explorer freeze up on me and I have to do a reboot because of this damn "service". Calling something that conflicts with other programs a "service" is a kick in the pants, this would be like getting "serviced" by an oriental masseuse while she wears spud gloves (aka tater mits, look 'em up if you dont know 'em).

  • David Hersh

    Enables the detection, download and installation of up-to-date configuration files for Microsoft Search Enhancement applications. Also provides server communication for the customer experience improvement program. If this service is disabled, search enhancement features such as search history may not work correctly.

  • Dave

    Ditto same thing happen just now to myself my computer froze and went into a hard drive running spree. Followed your advise and alls back to normal. Things that make you go hmmmmm….

  • Wait108

    Excellent instructions..I have been fighting w/this thing for what seems like FOREVER!!

  • Wait108

    Excellent instructions..I have been fighting w/this thing for what seems like FOREVER!!

  • Wait108

    Excellent instructions..I have been fighting w/this thing for what seems like FOREVER!!rnThanks.

  • john

    this why we should all use linux

  • john

    this why we should all use linuxn

  • Lee Wallace

    That was done very well–your descriptions!! Thanks a lot for the help.


  • raine

    thanks for the info. :)

  • bob

    They are sneaky, I had found it before, disabled the service and renamed the excutable. The last round of updates snuck it in at a different path- "C:Program FilesMicrosoftBingBarSeaPort.EXE" (on XP)

  • Marshall

    Very interesting article you have here.I am working for a <a rel="follow" href="">Data Center Security company and I heard that there are several programs which work in background and have different utilities.I guess your problem can be solved very easy if you find out what that exe. file does.

  • Jeff

    Thanks! I use a startup controller program called Startup Organizer. Also, Online Armor firewall asks me if I want to let it run. It's been alerting me that the program wants to run when the desktop loads.

  • I.M.L.

    Appreciate it loads. Many thanks!!

  • cyberxs

    Instead of disabling it, I ran this command on my XP PC to permanently uninstall the SeaPort service:
    MsiExec.exe /X{06E6E30D-B498-442F-A943-07DE41D7F785}

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  • paizay

    thanks!! much appreciated :o)

  • Robert

    On my netbook, the service was BBUpdate and the file was C:ProgramFilesMicrosoftBingBarSeaPort.EXE

  • TexasSleuth

    Thanks. This one recently popped up on a relatives computer and I was asked to find out what it did. I’m more careful on my systems and don’t allow services unless I know what they are or request them.

  • Pamela J Judge

    Thanks so much for such a detailed description!

  • John Russo

    Glad I found your article. It is easy to follow and puts me at ease knowing all i will lose is the ability to see my history but then i don’t use internet explorer anymore so no loss.I’m constantly shutting down processes on the task manager . now I may be able to go in and actually stop some form loading with your information. There are some you can’t shut down as I learned. Many are necessary for the system to run properly but I have up to 40 processes running at a time and would like to cut that back.
    One process called tea timer is software for a anti spyware program and takes a lot of space. I’m not sure I should shut it down at start up.

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  • Andrew Gregory

    Another version, but still found by using article’s suggestions.
    “D:Program FilesMicrosoftBingBarBBSvc.EXE”
    Thanks guys :)

  • phat_boi

    In general, you should kill any service you don’t use. This is security 101.

    Messenger (not to be confused with windows messenger) falls under this category too.
    Every unused service you run is another unnecessary attack vector and windows defaults a metric ton of them on. However thoroughly research every service you disable before you permanently disable.

    I once disabled WMI (server 2000 was new and I was inexperienced with windows) which resulted in no longer being able to configure the box LOL. As soon as I set it to disabled, I couldn’t re-enable it. Since I disabled on boot, I skunked the windows installation. Luckily it was a new box and I had just started configuring it. I didn’t remember WMI from NT 4 so nixed it resulting in big trouble. I couldn’t even run regedit.

    To see what happens simply stop it lol. Don’t disable it. You can get a taste of the consequences :-p