The other day while uploading a file through FTP to one of my sites, the touchpad of my Lenovo T410i laptop just stopped working. at first I thought the touchpad drivers in the system had gotten corrupted and needed to be reinstalled, so I connected a USB mouse to my laptop, and downloaded the drivers for the touchpad from Lenovo website. after reinstalling the drivers and rebooting the system, nothing happened, the touchpad was still not working. then I removed the touchpad driver, and the touchpad utility software from the system, rebooted, then I checked for Microsoft updates, which on Windows 7 it finds the hardware drivers as well. Windows updates found the touchpad drivers, and installed them. again, nothing happened, the touchpad was still not working. I was getting a bit frustrated.


my lovely Lenovo laptop.


after reinstalling the touchpad drivers a few times, and getting the same result, I gave up and thought of calling Lenovo to get a new touchpad. then I found out that the manufacture warranty had expired a month ago on this laptop, so Lenovo could not do anything about it. it was time to get my screwdrivers out and find out what was going on with the touchpad connectors inside the system. there are only two screws at the bottom of the laptop that holds the keyboard in place, so getting the keyboard out is very easy. then I tried to find the touchpad connectors, but I could not find them. I assume the connectors cannot be taken out from the top side of the laptop, so the whole motherboard has to be taken out in order to get the touchpad connectors out. that was a bummer.

then while I was putting the keyboard back in place, I unplugged the keyboard connector by mistake, I quickly connected it back, and screwed the keyboard back in. just to make sure the laptop could turn on I powered up the system, and BOOM!! the touchpad was working again!! I was so happy.

I guess the whole problem was being caused by the keyboard, and resetting the keyboard connectors fixed the touchpad problem. if you have a problem with the touchpad on your Lenovo laptop, reset the keyboard connectors and see if that fixes the problem. good luck.

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